François de Roubaix

“An euphoric program, galvanized musicians, familiarly high-vaulting (listen to Rémi Sciuto’s alto sax chorus on Un tank pour l’adenture or Chapi-Chapo .) A disturbing impression persists. We rediscover the works from different periods, originally written for different nomenclatures: here they are homogenized by the grace of one training, one leader and arranger.”
Stéphane Lerouge – Designer of the collection “Ecoutez le cinéma !” at Universal

Line up

Fred Pallem : Basse, guitars, singing
Remi Sciuto : Ocarina, flute, keyboards, saxophone
Vincent Taurelle : Keyboards
Arnaud Roulin : Keyboards
Vincent Taeger : Drums, Beat box
Philippe Katerine : Singing
Barbara Carlotti : Singing
Alexandre Chatelard : Singing
Alice Lewis : Singing
Juliette Paquereau : Singing