François de Roubaix

Atelier électronique is a tribute to the French film music composer, François de Roubaix.

Created for the “Jazz à la Villette” festival in September 2008, this project is made up of 6 musicians. It is dedicated to the composer‘s repertoire revised in a more electronic angle through arrangements that focus on synthesizers and other electric instruments. Moreover, on stage there is a VJ who improvises a live performance from unedited images. This program is now being recorded. It will be the Sacre du Tympan’s 6th album. Release expected in 2015.


Stéphane Mariot
Mobile : +33 (0)6 63 53 46 45
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Rémi Sciuto (Ocarina, flute, keyboards, saxophone)
Vincent Taurelle (Keyboards)
Arnaud Roulin (keyboards)
Fred Pallem (bass, guitar, vocals)
Taeger Vincent (drums, drum machine)
Juliette Paquereau (vocals (Diving with andy)

L’Atelier (François de Roubaix)

L’Envol (François de Roubaix)