The Sacre du Tympan’s latest album:  a program made up of 11 musicians (classical brass quintet + rhythmic synths).

This original music by Fred Pallem, draws inspiration from the French composers of film music and their famous “French Touch” – Francis Lai Michel Magne, Francois de Roubaix. This directory is also an opportunity for the Sacre du Tympan to show their rock side.

Soundtrax is the fourth album of the band. It was released in March 2011.
It seemed natural to offer a video creation that may accompany the show. This has been done since the end of 2012. (Video creation VNBC – Partnership THE SAX Achères / October 2012)


Stéphane Mariot Mobile : + 33 (6) 63 53 46 45
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Fred Pallem (Bass Guitar)
Vincent Taeger (Drums)
Vincent Taurelle (Keyboards)
Ludovic Bruni (Guitars)
Rémi Sciuto (keyboards, flute, saxophone, ocarina)
Fabrice Martinez (Trumpet)
Michel Feugère (Trumpet)
François Bonhomme (Cor)
Daniel Zimmermann (Trombone)
Lionel Segui (Bass Trombone)
Abraham Mansfarroll (Percussion)

Creative residency CAP / Aulnay-sous-Bois / April 2010